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Bishopswood School

Bishopswood School

Part of The Propeller Academy Trust


  • To develop and promote independence and quality of life through a culturally rich environment.
  • To Support pupils to develop functional communication strategies so they have a ‘voice’. To Develop the pre-learning skills of attention and focus in order to use these as a platform in which to base future learning and lifelong skills

Our sensory pathway is delivered through 5 key areas; communication, care and independence, community, myself and my thinking. Each of these key areas includes our curriculum outcomes to ensure every pupil has a personalised curriculum that offers a wide range of experiences.

The Curriculum is taught holistically through the sessions of:

  • Resonance Board
  • Sensory Story
  • Sensology
  • Sensory Communication activities including Massage Story, Atmospherics, TAC PAC, Intensive Interaction, and Auditory Phonics, out and about visits in the Community
  • Hand Function
  • Physical Development
  • Sensory Art, Play, Cooking and Music

Through skilled planning and delivery each approach and teaching style involves active exploration, sensory regulation and Communication and Interaction for all pupils.

Pupils have improved independence which impacts pupil wellbeing/behaviour. Improved independence correlates directly with communication. Pupils will be able to communicate in a functional way that best suits their needs. Inclusive learning promotes further development of social skills. All of which ensures pupils are well-prepared for their next stage in education and transition to adult life. Pupils are set challenging goals using assessment data which informs target setting. These assessments allow every pupil to continue to make progress throughout their schooling and ultimately into adulthood.