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Bishopswood School

Bishopswood School

Part of The Propeller Academy Trust


The government gives schools extra funding (pupil premium grant) to help raise the attainment of disadvantaged pupils of all abilities to reach their potential.

Evidence suggests that pupil premium spending is most effective when schools use a tiered approach, targeting spending across the following 3 areas below but focusing on teaching quality by investing in learning and development for teachers.

Teaching : Schools arrange training and professional development for all the their staff to improve the impact of teaching and learning for pupils. 
Academic support: Schools should decide on the main issues stopping their pupils from succeeding at school and use the pupil premium to buy extra help.
Wider approaches : this may include non-academic use of the pupil premium such as

  • school breakfast clubs
  • music lessons for disadvantaged pupils
  • help with the cost of educational trips or visits
  • speech and language therapy

Below is our strategy for use of the pupil premium, how we have spent this in the past, the impact of the expenditure and how we plan to spend it in the future.