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Bishopswood School

Bishopswood School

Senior Leadership Team

Interim Headteacher: Stephanie Coneboy
Interim Deputy Headteacher (primary): Lorraine Green
Interim Deputy Headteacher (secondary): David Stevinson
Assistant Headteacher (primary): Gayle Didcock
Assistant Headteacher (secondary): Sharon Hickles

Administration and Support Staff

School Administrator: Julie Parkes Bowen
Bursar: Fiona Allnutt
Administrative Assistant: Nicky Boehm
After School and Holiday Club Team Leader and Co-ordinator: Ellie Underwood
IT Technician: Elaine Rae
Caretaker: Andy Parry

Primary Dept Teachers:

Sarah Blundell, George Clark, Gayle Didcock, Amy Flether, Bobby Lynch, Kristina Papcunova, Sophie Webb and Joseph Witcomb

Secondary Department Teachers: 

Emma Connell, Frankie Hadland, Sharon Hickles, Kirsty Sidorowicz and Marlena Smith.