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Bishopswood School

Bishopswood School


Welcome to Bishopswood Primary department where our interim headteacher, Stephanie Coneboy, and our assistant headteacher (EY and primary) Gayle Didcock are based.

There are five classes, with up to 10 pupils per class, in our primary department which is co-located in the grounds of Sonning Common primary school (SCPS) for pupils aged 5-11 years.  We have our own stand-alone purpose built facilities, with access to the mainstream primary including their extensive grounds.   There are the equivalent of five full time teachers and a team of learning support assistants in each class.  The main school office is based on this site with accommodation for the headteacher, administrative staff, therapists, and a School Nurses office.  The speech therapists, physiotherapist, occupational therapist and clinical nurse specialist all visit regularly and form part of the team.  Regular volunteers help with activities such as swimming and a range of classroom activities.

The light and airy classrooms are well designed and resourced, with PCs, iPads, Interactive Whiteboards and ‘Eye Gaze’ Technology.  Each classroom has its own group room attached and a shared hygiene area.    The grounds are pleasant and safe and include our own purpose built outdoor play area with climbing equipment and sensory garden.  Children also make use of the SCPS hall, field and paddock for PE and sports and use the Forest Camp in the paddock and the pond area for outdoor learning.  Children regularly go swimming in the swimming pool next to our building.

Key Stage Two pupils also enjoy regular visits to the joint school and community library.  Some pupils attend the mainstream assemblies and other events such as visiting storytellers and musicians.  A member of our staff can support individuals in mainstream lessons and  SCPS pupils join us for specific activities throughout the week.  

At lunchtime some pupils eat within our own accommodation, while many use the SCPS canteen facilities, where freshly prepared food is provided by Kites Kitchen, an independent catering company founded by one of our ex-pupils parents.  Pupils have a choice of school dinners or packed lunch.  The pupils are closely supervised to support appropriate behaviours and to ensure that good table manners are established.  Our co-location means that our pupils get the opportunity to play with our mainstream neighbours at break time and lunch time.  

Morning session          9.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m.

Afternoon session       1.15 p.m. to  3.15 p.m.* (Wednesdays finish 2.45 p.m)