our ethos
              ...where every child is a valued individual


  • To develop and enhance the ability of each individual to have dignity and exercise personal choice

  • To apply approaches to teaching and learning that are proven to be effective

  • To provide pupils with the most appropriate means of mobility, communication and self expression

  • To encourage pupils to develop independent living skills to equip them with the knowledge and skills they need in the future

  • To offer an environment which is safe, stimulating, creative, challenging and fun


  • We appreciate the unique contribution made by each pupil to the life of the school

  • We believe the understanding and mutual respect that follows the development of closer links between Bishopswood, our partner schools and the wider community benefits all involved

  • We recognise the positive support that parents and carers provide in helping us to deliver our stated aims for each child

  • We celebrate the achievements, no matter how big or small, made by individual pupils

  • We recognise the importance of teamwork and the different roles and skills contributed by individual staff or groups of staff

Promoting Positive Behaviour

Governors' Statement of Principles

Class teams should endeavour to make sure each pupil’s needs are met at all times. They should work on the principle that challenging behaviour is likely to be a means of communication e.g. the need to escape, the need for attention, the need for sensory experience. Pupils need to be supported to learn the skills necessary to communicate their emotions in a socially acceptable manner.