Bishopswood is a maintained special school provision for children and young people with severe, profound or complex learning difficulites and disabilities. Admissions are dependent upon having an EHC (Education, Health and Care) plan. There are currently fifty three planned places, including  eight full-time equivalent places in the nursery. Oxfordshire LA are the admissions authority and the school is well situated to draw pupils from neighbouring counties. Admission places need the consent of the relevant Education Officer.

Prospective parents are very welcome to visit, please telephone the school office on 01189 724311 to make an appointment or if you would like any additional information. P
arents of pre-school children can obtain a booklet describing the work of our nursery class from the school office. In addition to the information provided on this website, you may like to read the school's Special Needs Policy also available from the school’s office.

We aim to make the introduction into school as smooth as we can for you and your child.
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Further Information

Starting School

Many children will start in the nursery, but it may be that a place is required during the Primary or Secondary years. We have found that there are a number of common questions that parents have about 'the first day', and we have attempted to answer these in our school brochure, available from the school office.

Moving On  

The majority of students stay until the end of Year 11. Students either move onto the Pathways Department at Henley College, or sixth form at another maintained special school (we have a number of links). In each case, during their final year at school, bespoke transition packages help ensure a smooth transition to post 16 provision.