Staff Members


Teaching and Learning Support Staff

Headteacher  Janet Kellett 
Assistant Headteacher    Sharon Hickles

Nursery Department


Esme Tiplady

Learning Support Assistants

          Jenny Zolkwer  HLTA (part-time)

Sharon Dellar (part-time)
Sophie Rivers
Lisa Lynksey

Primary Department 


Sophie Webb (maternity leave)
Gail Yeats 
Sarah Blundell (part-time)
Sandra St Clair (part-time)
Sally Maddison
Nanette Naude
Katie Girdler

Learning Support Assistants

Sandra St Clair HLTA (part-time)
Katy Galloway (part-time)
Joanna Winch (part-time)
Jo Dearlove (part-time)
Camilla Dandridge (part-time)
Kay King (part-time)  
Lisa Claricoates (part-time)
Chloe Martin
Linda Fullick
Maurice Dean (part-time)
Elle Munro
Jay Randhawa
Tam Johnstone
Charlene Darby
Angelina Jones
Michelle Wheeler
Celine Fernandez
Bobby Lynch
Jo Steedman

Secondary Department


         Sharon Hickles
         Wendy Pullin
         Zoe Lorenz
         Yvonne Wilson
Learning Support Assistants
          Gabriella Haxhilari HLTA (part-time)
Claire Fort
Christine Symonds
Sue Oliver
Sarah Smith (part-time)
Collette Massey
Emma Paton
Penny Edwards
Becky Lambert
Jack Green

Administration and Auxilliary Staff

School Administrator

Julie Parkes Bowen

After School and Holiday Club Team Leader 
and Co-ordinator
        Molly O'Rourke

Out of School Liaison Officer
        Philippa Nicolai

Administrative Assistant

Nicky Boehm (part-time)


Marie Tolhurst (part-time)

Classroom/ICT Technician 
          Nicole Fallon (part-time)


Andy Parry (part-time)

Pool Technician 

Sue Oliver (part-time)

 Medical Staff 

(Employed through the NHS on a part-time basis)                                   

The special school nurses for Bishopswood School are:

Alyson Martin, Senior Special School Nurse

Angela Richards, Special School Nurse

They work part time in school on term time only contracts. Please see attached leaflet for details of the nursing service

For nurses availability please contact school office.

Occupational Therapist - Kathryn Stevenson

Physiotherapists - Katie Stewart (maternity leave) and Vicky Busby NHS Special School Nurses Information