Emergency Closures



emergency closure procedure

The decision to close or partially close a school can only be made by headteachers who have knowledge 'on the ground' of their schools, in consultation with their Chair of Governors wherever possible. The decision should be based on access to essential services (heating, water etc), staffing levels, transport safety, and site safety.  In particular the decision making process should take account of:
  • The health and safety of pupils, staff and volunteers which should always be  paramount 
  • The basic entitlement of 190 ‘pupil days’ which should be offered if at all possible
  • Consideration should be given to closing the school to just some year groups and/or changing the opening and closing time if either will avoid complete closure
  • Consideration should be given to offering a reduced curriculum (or even non-curriculum) provision as an alternative to closure.
Information about emergency and planned school closures is published on the County Council website http://www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/schoolclosures. This is the main source of up to date countywide information about school closures and is a key resource especially in times of widespread closures, for example, as a result of severe weather. 

When there is extreme weather schools are occasionally forced to close for the day in the interest of pupils' safety.  On such mornings, parents should listen to  either  BBC Radio Oxford, Heart FM, or Jack FM for details of school closures.  

Very occasionally, the taxi firms hired to transport pupils to and from Bishopswood classes may feel that the weather is too severe for their cars to be on the roads.  Should this be the case, we also do our best to contact the schools' radio programmes and to contact parents.

Please note that if a co-located school is closed on Health and Safety grounds because the site is deemed unsafe to access, then that department of Bishopswood will also be closed, as we are required to abide by the decision of the Host School. 

This may necessarily mean that one Bishopswood department is closed whilst another is still open, usually due to the location.

local radio stations

local radio
in the event of severe weather, please listen to the following radio stations for information about school closures:

BBC Radio Oxford - VHF/FM 95.2

HEART (Thames Valley) - VHF/FM 102.6/97.4/102.9/103.4

JACK FM - VHF/FM 106.8


OCC Transport Section - 01865 815218

Burghfield Taxis - 0118 959 0719  

Transport United - 01865 340002