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school meals  Kites Kitchen, a local private catering company run the Sonning Common Primary School kitchen. They currently adhere to the cost of school meals set by the County. 

At Chiltern Edge pupils bring money in to pay at the canteen on a daily basis. Special diets are prepared for those children needing them and religious dietary restrictions are respected. Your child may wish to bring a packed lunch.

Most children eat in the dining area with their mainstream peers. Pupils are closely supervised and supported with eating and social skills. Younger pupils and those who require more intensive support are supported in class, instead.

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school uniform Uniform is optional but many primary pupils wear the Sonning Common Primary uniform.  Once at the Secondary Department at Chiltern Edge, students usually wear the Chiltern Edge uniform, unless this is not practical.  Clothes of the same colour as the uniform are equally acceptable.  Clothing that is easy to wear and wash is of course an important consideration.  Whatever your child wears for school, please see that items of clothing are clearly labelled as without clear labels we cannot accept responsibility should they be mislaid.


If your child is unwell Please do not send them into school especially if they have infectious symptoms as we do not have the facilities or resources for nursing children who are unwell.  If your child becomes unwell during the day, they will be monitored closely for an appropriate length of time and you will be informed and contacted should it be necessary for them to be taken home.

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medication in school Staff administer medication on a voluntary basis and receive necessary training from the School Nurse.  It is school policy that written and signed consent must be obtained from a parent/legal guardian before any medication can be administered.  This prescribed medication must be in a clearly labelled container, dispensed and labelled by a pharmacist.  Should a parent request an infrequent medication to be given eg antibiotics or paracetamol, a consent within the home school book will be acceptable on the initial occasion providing the following information is given: name of child and medicine, dose, time to be given, signature of parent.  A consent form will be sent home and should be filled in and returned as soon as possible.  Medications are checked on a termly basis (x 3 a year) by the school nurse.  A new consent form in needed when there is a change in the medication or dose.


disciplinAt Bishopswood we actively encourage and praise good behaviour, believing that if pupils have a positive self-image, they will behave in a positive way.  The school follows the county policy on exclusion.  

The school follows guidance called Promoting Positive Behaviour to which all staff are committed.  Further information can be obtained from the office should this be required.  From time to time it will be necessary to reprimand a child, but the nature of any sanctions/punishments felt appropriate will be discussed with parents.  If the need is felt, a child may have an individual behaviour programme and/or physical intervention guidelines, after careful liaison with parents.  

Bullying and harassment on any grounds are dealt with seriously. 

Please see the link in the "School Policies" tab to view the Anti-Bullying Policy

homework The amount and nature of homework or activities for home to be given can be discussed and agreed with parents, often through IEP meetings notes in the home school book . Homework may compliment types of teaching, or follow on from specific targets and/or advice on learning and development. Homework may include book sharing, worksheets, bringing things of interest into school etc.