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Safeguarding Information for Parents

Bishopswood School takes very seriously the issue of safeguarding but hope to operate a common sense approach.


All adults, whether staff, parents, students or visiting professionals, have a duty to keep the children and young people in school safe and to protect them from harm.


All staff, volunteers and students have to have an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring check (formerly CRB).


The school follows Department for Children, Young People and Families and Oxfordshire County Council guidelines when recruiting new staff.


All job descriptions include a responsibility for health & safety and safeguarding of pupils and the requirement to follow County policies and procedures relating to child protection.


Visitors are required to sign in at the school office or the main school reception at Chiltern Edge School or Valley Road Primary School.


Where possible, contractors work outside of school hours.  If this is not possible, they will be given specific safety instructions (e.g. tools, materials, they might be using) and staff will be informed about their presence on site.


Staff are issued with name badges to wear.


Staff receive regular training across a range of health and safety issues: child protection, administering medication, First Aid, Behaviour Management, Moving & Handling, hoist training, food hygiene, child welfare and hygiene.


All teachers have First Aid training and many of the LSAs as well.


All new staff have to compete a Health & Safety checklist during their first term.


Risk assessments are made in relation to individual pupil needs, activities, visits, trips, residential visits and equipment and these are regularly updated.


Every swimming session and hydrotherapy session has a trained lifeguard present and a high level of adult supervision and support.  All teachers who take children swimming are updating their training for teaching swimming.


Behaviour Management Guidelines are in place.


All pupils have a personal care plan which details their care needs and any key information relating to their welfare.  We encourage parents to send in sun cream and hats for sunny days.


Staff who drive the school minibuses have to take a minibus driving test, or if transporting pupils in their own cards, have the necessary insurance.  They school follows the guidelines on use of minibus passenger restraints.


All staff are made aware of issues of data protection, confidentiality and safeguarding.


The designated person for child protection is the headteacher.


Pupils will only be allowed to leave the premises with known family members or named adults (by arrangement).


At Valley Road and Sonning Common, it is the responsibility of visitors to close gates when they enter/leave the site.  Staff will check that gates are closed when they take pupils out on the playground at break times.


In the primary department, staff do not allow or encourage pupils to operate the entrance door release switch.


In the primary and secondary departments, external classroom doors are kept closed unless being used for a specific reason.


The school has, and follows, a number of policies relating to Health & Safety which are in line with OCC policies.  They are available to view in the school office.


THE PSHCE curriculum includes a number of modules which are used regularly to teach the pupils are safety in a wide variety of environments.


The school is inspected on an annual basis by a Health & Safety Office from OCC; since inspections started the school has been judged as excellent or outstanding.

Parents: How you can help

Ensure that the school office is notified of any changes in your phone numbers and emergency contact details.


If you bring other children with you into school, you are responsible for their behaviour and safety.


By observing the “no smoking on the school site” and by not bringing dogs onto the site.


Be extra vigilant when driving in the school car park.


Ensure that the guidance about sending medicines into school is followed e.g. in original, labelled bottle and signed instructions.


Let the school know if someone else will be picking your child up from school.


Enter classrooms by invitation or by arrangement with the class teacher.  Parents should not go into the pupil hygiene areas without the permission of school staff in order to ensure the privacy of other children.

Parent volunteers in school must keep to the code of confidentiality.